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I Want to Live Inside a Crayon Box

Yes that's an actual request we've heard. Our youngest clients are by far the most fearless and imaginative and because of that designing for them is loads of fun. The only rule is this: Don't make it boring! The trick when designing kid's spaces is to not get stuck in the Amelia Bedelia trap. Remember those great books where Ameilia would take everything literally? When a 6 year old tells you he wants a pirate room you don't go scavenging for rusty swords and stuffed parrots. And yes that means barnacle wall decals and bed boats are off the table as well.

We all know kids can be fickle little fellas so we don't want to over-theme a space only to have them announce "They haven given up pirates for dinosaurs" a week after install.

A safer (and much more aesthetically palatable) approach would be to use subtle elements that give the feel of the theme. Couple of examples...

A crayon box theme could've gone wildly bad but we took this an invitation to use as many colors as we wanted. We grounded the space with black and white buffalo check which allowed us to go bright and bold on the walls with a turquoise grass-cloth. The yellow sofa adds the next pop of color and after that it was a matter of accessorizing with art in equally bright colors. The multi-colored light fixture pulled the whole thing together.

GREAT News: You can shop this room in our Shop The Look feature!

Homework isn't necessarily fun but we can sure make the room they are doing it in fun! This office was for three girly little girls who love all things bright and happy. This kiss wallpaper brought the happy and all those neatly organized storage boxes hide all the tools they need to get their homework (and any other work!) done.

Kiss me wallpaper, lips wallpaper, kids office, storage boxes, exposed shelves, strip carpet, pink and white room
Colorful Child's Office Space

When decorating for kid's take their ques and run with it, just do it in a way that you'll also enjoy looking at!

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